# ActiveMQ Web Demos

ActiveMQ comes with a number of Web demos that illustrate how to use the ActiveMQ broker with REST and AJAX. The Web demos are not activated in the default configuration, so you must follow the steps below to get them running:

  1. Edit the /opt/apache-activemq/examples/conf/activemq-demo.xml file and change the locations property to reflect the location of the encrypted credentials file, located at /opt/activemq/conf/credentials-enc.properties:
<property name="locations">
  1. If the ActiveMQ server is currently running, stop it:
systemctl stop activemq
  1. Run the example:
cd /opt/activemq
sudo ./bin/activemq console xbean:/opt/activemq/examples/conf/activemq-demo.xml
  1. The ActiveMQ broker should now start.
  2. Log in to the Web administration panel and view the demos by browsing to http://Internet IP:8161/demo, If needed, use the credentials obtained from the server dashboard to log in.