# Domain

Domains (opens new window) is a domain name management platform that provides domain name registration, transaction, monitoring, and protection services.

Below steps is need for you to enable domains visit of your application:

# Resolve Domain

Resolve Domain mean that you set a mapping relations between domain and ECS's IP

  1. Buy your Domain and register it

  2. Login to console, lis all domains by 【AlibabaCloud DNS】 Add a record

  3. Add an Add Record for it Add a record

  4. Save it and wait for 2-10 minute, then your DNS is take effect

# Bind Domain

The precondition for binding a domain is that AlibabaCloud can accessed by domain name.

When there is only one website on the server, you can visit the website without binding domain. While considering the server security and subsequent maintenance, Binding Domain is necessary.

Steps for binding AlibabaCloud domain are as follows:

  1. Connect your Cloud Server;
  2. Modify Nginx vhost configuration file,and change the server_name and proxy_pass if you want.
    listen 80;
    server_name websoft9.yourdomain.com;  # Set your domain
        location / {
         proxy_pass; # Set your port
  3. Restart Nginx service
    sudo systemctl restart nginx

# Domain Beian

If you ECS is created in China, and you want to use Domain for application, you must complete the Domain Beian for Government governance.

Refer to: Domain Beian (opens new window)