# Launch

The introduction below is about how to launch instance on AWS.

The basic condition for launching instance is to prepare a boot disk file for the system disk for the instance. The most common template file is image.

Steps below are about how to launch instance based on image:

# Create EC2

  1. Login to AWS Management Console, and click 【EC2】. log in

  2. Enter EC2 Dashboard, and click 【Launch Instance】to create Instance. launch instance

  3. When choosing AMIs, click 【View all public and private AMIs】 and search keyword "websoft9" to see the list of images. choose image of Websoft9

  4. Select the image you need.

  5. Finish the following steps, which require you to choose instance type, VPC, set key pair and more. create instance

  6. Wait several minutes after completing creating EC2, and the image is started as the system disk of the instance, that is, the image is automatically deployed to the instance.

# Key Pair

When launching instance, AWS requires key pair to log in. Steps for how to create key Pair are as follows:

  1. Login to AWS console, open 【EC2 Dashboard】>【NETWORK & SECURITY】>【Key Pairs】and click 【Create Key Pair】. create key pair

  2. Name the key pair, such as "myKey". name

  3. Store key pair file myKey.pem into the local computer.