# About

AWX is the official command-line client for AWX and Red Hat Ansible Tower. It:

  • Uses naming and structure consistent with the AWX HTTP API
  • Provides consistent output formats with optional machine-parsable formats
  • To the extent possible, auto-detects API versions, available endpoints, and feature support across multiple versions of AWX and Red Hat Ansible Tower.

Potential uses include:

  • Configuring and launching jobs/playbooks
  • Checking on the status and output of job runs
  • Managing objects like organizations, users, teams, etc…

More detail please refer to the docs:Tower CLI (opens new window)


# Install

You should install the AWX CLI like below:

pip install ansible-tower-cli

# Connection

You should completed the AWX CLI connection before use it:

tower-cli config host http://<new-awx-host.example.com>
tower-cli config username <user>
tower-cli config password <pass>
tower-cli send assets.json
tower-cli user list # If the test is successful, the user will be displayed

Refer to Ansible Tower AWX CLI (opens new window) AWX CLI on AWX Github (opens new window)