# AWX support multi-language?

Yes, it supported Locales (opens new window). It automatically sets the locale preference based on the user’s browser settings. For Safari, Internet Explorer, and older versions of Chrome as well as FireFox, this is handled automatically.

# How is AWX connected to PostgreSQL?

AWX connect PostgreSQL in Docker inner, and you can use external Database

# AWX support Ansible Galaxy?

Yes, refer to Ansible Galaxy Support (opens new window)

# AWX support var-prompt?

Yes, refer to Extra variable charter of this docs

# What's URL of AWX API?

http://AWX Server Internet IP/api/

# If there is no domain name, can I deploy AWX?

Yes, visit AWX by http://Internet IP

# What is the password for the database postgres user?

The password is stored in the server related file: /credentials/password.txt

# Is there a web-base GUI database management tools?


# Is it possible to modify the source path of AWX?


# What's the difference between Deployment and Installation?

  • Deployment is a process of installing and configuring a sequence of software in sequence in a different order, which is a complex system engineering.
  • Installation is the process of starting the initial wizard after the application is prepared.
  • Installation is simpler than deployment.

# What's Cloud Platform?

Cloud platform refers to platform manufacturers that provide cloud computing services, such as: Azure, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, HUAWEI CLOUD, Tencent Cloud, etc.

# What is the difference between Instance, Cloud Server, Virtual Machine, ECS, EC2, CVM, and VM?

No difference, just the terminology used by different manufacturers, actually cloud servers