# Troubleshooting

We collect the most common troubleshooting of using aaPanel for your reference:

Many troubleshooting is closely related to the Server, if you can confirm troubleshooting is related to Cloud Platform, please refer to Cloud Platform Documentation (opens new window)

# Database service could not be started?

Insufficient disk space, insufficient memory, and configuration file errors can make database service could not be started

It is recommended to first check through the command.

# restart mysql service
systemctl restart mysql

# view disk space
df -lh

# view memory rate
free -lh 

# A server error has occurred?

docker logs awx_web

# Create manful Project from SCM type have error "WARNING: There are no available playbook directories in /var/lib/awx/projects...."

Reason: The directory /var/lib/awx/projects of AWX container not mounted to Server Solution: Mounted the container's /var/lib/awx/projects to Server's path /data/wwwroot/awx/project.

# awx_redis container start fail?

Reason: redis.sock permission problem

  1. Edit file /data/.awx/redis.conf and add the line unixsocketperm 750
    unixsocket /var/run/redis/redis.sock
    unixsocketperm 660
    port 0
    unixsocketperm 750
  2. Set redis socket directory permission with the command chmod -R 777 /data/.awx/redis_socket
  3. Go to AWX directory and run the container again
    cd /data/.awx
    docker-compose down -v
    docker-compose up -d

# I can login to AWX console, but run job failed?

The most likely reason is the awx_redis container can not start, you can run the command docker ps to check the status of awx_redis