# Parameters

The AWX deployment package contains a sequence software (referred to as "components") required for AWX to run. The important information such as the component name, installation directory path, configuration file path, port, version, etc. are listed below.

Use SSH to connect Server and run the command docker ps, you can list all containers that need for AWX:

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                NAMES
e240ed8209cd        awx_task:    "/tini -- /bin/sh ..."   2 minutes ago       Up About a minute   8052/tcp                             awx_task
1cfd02601690        awx_web:     "/tini -- /bin/sh ..."   2 minutes ago       Up About a minute>8052/tcp                 awx_web
55a552142bcd        memcached:alpine    "docker-entrypoint..."   2 minutes ago       Up 2 minutes        11211/tcp                            memcached
84011c072aad        rabbitmq:3          "docker-entrypoint..."   2 minutes ago       Up 2 minutes        4369/tcp, 5671-5672/tcp, 25672/tcp   rabbitmq
97e196120ab3        postgres:9.6        "docker-entrypoint..."   2 minutes ago       Up 2 minutes        5432/tcp                             postgres

# Path

# Docker storage

Run the command sudo docker volume ls to list all volumes:

awx_postgres volume mount: /var/lib/postgresql/data
awx_rabbitmq volume mount: /var/lib/rabbitmq
awx_web volume mount: /var/lib/nginx
awx_task volume mount: /var/lib/nginx

# Docker

Docker root directory: /var/lib/docker
Docker image directory: /var/lib/docker/image
Docker volumes: /var/lib/docker/volumes
Docker daemon.json: you should create this file in the directory of /etc/docker by yourself

# Docker Compose

This environment uses Docker Compose as a container orchestration (scheduling) tool for managing multiple container configurations, launches, and service connections.

Docker Compose configuration file /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
Docker Compose command directory /data/awx/awxcompose

# PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL data storage: /data/pgdocker

# Ports

These Ports is need when use AWX, refer to Safe Group Setting on Cloud Console (opens new window)

Name Number Use Necessity
PostgreSQL 5432 Remote connect PostgreSQL Optional
HTTP 80 HTTP requests for AWX Required
HTTPS 443 HTTPS requests AWX Optional

# Version

You can see the version from product page of Marketplace. However, after being deployed to your server, the components will be automatically updated, resulting in a certain change in the version number. Therefore, the exact version number should be viewed by running the command on the server:

# Linux Version
lsb_release -a

# Python Version
python --version

# Docker Version
docker -v

# Docker image lists(includes version)
sudo docker images

# Docker Compose Version
docker-compose --version