# Initial Installation

If you have completed the AWX deployment on Cloud Platform, the following steps is for you to start use it quikly

# Preparation

  1. Get the Internet IP on your Cloud Platform
  2. Check you Inbound of Security Group Rule (opens new window) of Cloud Console to ensure the TCP:80 is allowed
  3. Make a domain resolution on your DNS Console if you want to use domain for AWX

# AWX Installation Wizard

  1. Using local browser visit the URL http://DNS or http://Server's Internet IP, enter to login interface AWX login page

  2. Login it to AWX console (Don't know password?) AWX console

More useful AWX guide, please refer to Ansible Tower Documentation (opens new window)

# AWX Setup wizard

Now, we will give use sample How to run Ansible repository by AWX for your practice

# Concept

You must understand some import concept before your practice:

AWX console

  • Inventories: A list of managed nodes

  • Credentials: Username and password or key of nodes

  • Projects: Ansible project, most of time it is a Github repository

  • Templates: It is a definition and set of parameters for running an Ansible job

  • Jobs: It is an instance of Tower launching an Ansible playbook against an inventory of hosts.

# Prepare

Before using AWX to run an Ansible project, please ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • Prepare your Ansible project, e.g. Grafana (opens new window)
  • Prepare your one node and run the following command for runtime preparation
    wget -N https://cdn.statically.io/gh/Websoft9/ansible-linux/main/scripts/install.sh; bash install.sh

# Steps

Below we begin to list the specific steps:

  1. Login AWX and create 【Inventories】, then add 【Host】 in it.

    create Inventories

    create host

    create host

  2. Create 【Credentials】, the following example Create Credentials

  3. Create 【Project】, the following example is use Grafana (opens new window) powered by Websoft9

    create Project

  4. Create 【Templates】, associate 【Credentials】,【Inventories】,【Project】 in one interface Create template

    You can set it by add extra variable directly

  5. Go to Template and start a 【Job】 Job running

# Q&A

# I can't visit the start page of AWX?

Your TCP:80 of Security Group Rules is not allowed so there no response from Chrome or Firefox

# Which database does this AWX use?

PostgreSQL on Docker

# Is AWX support Ansible Galaxy?

Yes, refer to official docs Ansible Galaxy Support (opens new window)