# Subscriptions

Below is the simple guide for subscriptions on Azure Marketplace:

# About

Subscription means buying, when you have completed image deployment on Azure that means you have a subscription for this image.

In the Azure, the image is charged by Usage Quantity the same with VM Usage Quantity:

  • Once the image is used on VM, the image Usage Quantity= VM Usage Quantity
  • Need to cancel the image subscription, you need to delete the corresponding VM
  • The VM stops running and the image stops charging

# Fee

Azure Marketplace, there are free image and paid image

Websoft9 provides paid image on the Azure platform, our profit model is to provide enterprise-level open source image and technical support services to customers who are willing to pay through fees.

If you want to free to use our product, please refer to our Github Project (opens new window)

Our image cost will be flexibly priced based on the number of virtual machine CPU cores. The larger the number of cores, the higher the price generally

Take the Gitlab product we released as an example. The Software Cost listed by the Plan+Pricing on the product page is the image pricing.



EULA (End User Licence Agreement) is a contract between one or more parties based on the proprietary rights of a licensor to grant a right to the licensee to use or access the subject matter of the licence.

Once you have deployment the image of Websoft9 on Azure, that means you have accept Websoft9 EULA (opens new window)