# Marketplace

Azure Marketplace provides access and information on solutions and services available from Microsoft and our partners. Customers (IT professionals and developers) can discover, try to buy cloud software solutions built on or built for Azure. Our catalog of 8,000+ listings provides Azure building blocks, such as Virtual Machines (VMs), APIs, Azure apps, Solution Templates and managed applications, SaaS apps, containers, and consulting services.

Websoft9 is Partner of Azure Marketplace, we have published hundreds of images on Azure for user to deploy open source software simply.

Azure Marketplace have two version:

The Chinese version is a special version, a cloud computing platform that complies with Chinese laws and regulations by Azure and Century.

Websoft9's image is currently only available in the Azure global version of the cloud market.

More question about Azure Marketplace ,refer to Azure Marketplace FAQ (opens new window)

# Regional restrictions

If you country is not available for Azure, you can also use the apps on Azure Marketplace

  1. In the process of registering an account, there is an increase in the payment account, be sure to select the USA region.
  2. Then bind the credit card (you can use a credit card of your country)

# Support

We provide standard technical support for user on Azure Marketplace: help@websoft9.com

More support: https://support.websoft9.com