# Public IP Address

# View

  1. Login Azure Portal
  2. In the Overview of VM, you can see the Public IP Address directly img
  3. If the VM does not have a public IP address entry (or is empty), you need to refer to the next section to mount a public IP address.

# Mount

When the created VM does not have a public IP address, as long as there is a free (or newly purchased) public IP address, the Azure console can mount the public network IP address to the virtual machine. The specific steps are as follows:

  1. Login Azure Portal

  2. Open the VM->Networking, then the Network Interface item img

  3. On the details of Network Interface, open the "IP configuration" item and click the "ipconfig1" img

  4. Existing public network IP mount operation on ipconfig1 img

4.If there is no public network IP option, you can create a new one. img

# Static IP

The default option for creating a VM is to create a dynamic IP. You can also choose to create a static IP.