# Username and Password

You can get the credentials of Database and OS from this chapter.

# Database

# Database Password

Getting password from Linux and Windows have some difference

# Linux

For Linux, the database password is stored in the file of your VM: /credentials/password.txt. Suggest you log in Azure Portal and use the online SSH terminal to run the the cat command to get the password:

run cat Command

# Windows

For Window, the database password is stored in the file of your VM:c:/credentials/password.txt

You can also find the shortcut for password file from the Windows Desktop.

# Database Username and GUI

Different databases have certain differences, refer to the following table:

Database Username GUI
MySQL/Mariadb with PHP root http://Internet IP/phpmyadmin
MySQL/Mariadb root http://Internet IP:9090
PostgreSQL postgres http://Internet IP:9090
Mongodb adminmongo http://Internet IP:9091
Oracle system NO
SQLServer sa SQLServer Management Studio,one Desktop client

# OS

You should set your username of VM any time you creating a new VM, it means there no default username for VM


The authentication type includes: password and SSH public key (key pair).