# Overview

This documentation is provided by Websoft9 (opens new window), it can help users to acquire skills of ERPNext Deployment, Installation, Configuration, HTTPS, SMTP, Backup, Upgrade, Connect Instance and more.

ERPNext (opens new window) is 100% open source ERP,based on Python and node development, it has comprehensive functions, including accounting, human resources, manufacturing, website, e-commerce, CRM, asset management, customer service workbench and other comprehensive functions. It is very suitable as a substitute for SAP, which has been used by more than 5000 enterprise customers all over the world.

# Improve

This document will continue to improve and broadly absorb the needs of users. If you have good idea, please don't hesitate to give us feedback by "Edit this page on GitHub", and welcome you to fork this documentation on Github (opens new window)

# Scope

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