# Product

Websoft9 have publish product/offer on Marketplace of major Cloud Platform, and the product model is image for Cloud Server.

Why use the Cloud Native image powered by Websoft9?

# Value

Take LAMP, you can see the structure of it:

websoft9 lamp runtime

The value of the LAMP runtime is to make it easier and more stable for users to install, publish and manage PHP websites. In order to meet the needs of users, we will combine the basic components required for PHP applications: PHP language, database, Web server, etc. Optimization, install ssl, smtp and other extensions in advance, in fact, there are more than 100 installation steps. In order to have a visual experience for users, we have developed 9Panel, a use guide web pages.

Then, for a business software, the documentation and technology support is very important.

The image provided by Websoft9 is a software product. Its goal is to simplify the software deployment and configuration by users after optimizing the combination of open source software and open source components.

# Open source

Websoft9 is a open source organization, all automatic deployment code is on Github (opens new window) where you can fork it and submit issue for it.

The benefits of open source are obvious, including:

  • You can use it free
  • The deployment is 100% transparent and open, in line with the spirit of open source
  • Any one can involve the development for it

# Product list

You can list all product powered by Websoft9 from Product Catalog Home (opens new window).

# Deployment Comparison

As mentioned above, by deploying the automatic script we published on Github, we can get the same effect as image deployment.

So, what are the differences or advantages and disadvantages of these two deployment methods?

item image deployment script deployment
length of time 2-5 minutes 20-60 minutes
success rate 99.99% 80% for the reason of Network failure
skills need low high
security Cloud platform test passed Closed beta
version selection latest you want
cost by hour free
help desk 5×8 help desk, 7×24 work oder submit issue to Github
source code 100% open source 100% open source
issue support Standard manual support no any support
server type Public Cloud Private Cloud, Public Cloud

he image deployment is simpler, and manual technical support services can be obtained, which is suitable for commercial users.