Sending mail is a common feature for MediaWiki. After a large number of user practice feedback, only one way is recommended, that is, using the third-party STMP service to send the email.

Do not try to install Sendmail or other Mail server software on your Cloud Server for sending mail, because it is very difficulty in maintenance.

Follow is the sample using SendGrid's SMTP Service to configure sending mail for MediaWiki:

  1. Log in SendGrid console, prepare your SMTP settings like the follow sample
    SMTP host: smtp.sendgrid.net
    SMTP port: 25 or 587 for unencrypted/TLS email, 465 for SSL-encrypted email
    SMTP Authentication: must be checked
    SMTP Encryption: must SSL
    SMTP username: websoft9smpt
    SMTP password: #fdfwwBJ8f    
  2. Edit your MediaWiki's configuration file LocalSettings.php in the root directory
  3. Search the variable $wgSMTP, set the values
     $wgSMTP = array(
     'host'     => "smtp.163.com", 
     'IDHost'   => "example.com",      // Email's domain name, optional
     'port'     => 465,                 
     'auth'     => true,               
     'username' => "websoft9@163.com",     
     'password' => "#wwBJ8"       
  4. Search the variable $wgEnableEmail, set the value
    $ wgEnableEmail = true
  5. Search the variablea $wgEnableEmail, set it as your email address
    $wgEmergencyContact = "websoft9@163.com";
    $wgPasswordSender = "websoft9@163.com";
  6. Save it
  7. Restart PHP-FPM Service
  8. Test email sending

More SMTP Service(Gmail, Hotmail, QQ mail, Yahoo mail, SendGrid and so on) settings or Issues with SMTP, please refer to Websoft9's SMTP Guide(opens new window)