# Initial Installation

If you have completed the MediaWiki deployment on Cloud Platform, the following steps is for you to start use it quikly

# Preparation

  1. Get the Internet IP on your Cloud Platform
  2. Check you Inbound of Security Group Rule(opens new window) of Cloud Console to ensure the TCP:80 is allowed
  3. Make a domain resolution on your DNS Console if you want to use domain for MediaWiki

# MediaWiki Installation Wizard

  1. Using local Chrome or Firefox to visit the URL https://domain or https://Internet IP, start to install

  2. Choose a language to continue

  3. Acccept the license and Continue

  4. Fill in database configuration

    It's easy to make mistakes on this step. If have mistakes, you can Re-install Mediawiki

    • Database name: mediawiki (MySQL on this Image has a database instance name mediwiki)
    • Database username: root
    • Database password: Don't know password?

    If you don't want to use the mediawiki as Database name,please create your database first. If you don't want to use the root as Database username,please create your user first

  5. Set database character,Click "Continue";

  6. Set the site name, administrator account, password and mail,Click "Continue";

  7. Click "Continue";

  8. Click "Continue";

  9. Click "Continue";

  10. Download the file and upload it to the server directory:/data/wwwroot/mediawiki

  11. OK, it has been installed successfully.

  12. Use http://domain  to go to your index page.

More useful MediaWiki guide, please refer to MediaWiki Sysadmin Docs(opens new window)

# Q&A

# I can't visit the start page of MediaWiki?

Your TCP:80 of Security Group Rules is not allowed so there no response from Chrome or Firefox

# Which database does this MediaWiki package use?


# Can I use Cloud database for MediaWiki?


# Can I re-install MediaWiki?

Visit URL http://Internet IP/mw-config/index.php?page=Restart&lastPage=Install to start reinstall