# Initial check

If you have completed the Memcached deployment on Cloud Platform, the following steps is for you to start use it quikly

# Preparation

  1. Get the Internet IP on your Cloud Platform
  2. Check your Inbound of Security Group Rule (opens new window) of Cloud Console to ensure the TCP:11211 is allowed
  3. Make a domain resolution on your DNS Console if you want to use domain for Memcached

# Memcached check

  1. Use SSH tool to connect Memcached Server, then install Telnet

    yum install telnet
  2. Use the telnet to connect Memcached

    telnet 11211
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
  3. Run the command stats to show all Memcached STAT when connection successful

    STAT pid 651
    STAT uptime 891
    STAT time 1585225158
    STAT version 1.4.15
    STAT libevent 2.0.21-stable
    STAT pointer_size 64
    STAT rusage_user 0.005846
    STAT rusage_system 0.017539
    STAT curr_connections 10
    STAT total_connections 12
    STAT connection_structures 11
    STAT reserved_fds 20
    STAT cmd_get 0
    STAT cmd_set 0
    STAT cmd_flush 0
    STAT cmd_touch 0
    STAT get_hits 0
    STAT get_misses 0
    STAT delete_misses 0
    STAT delete_hits 0
    STAT incr_misses 0
    STAT incr_hits 0
    STAT decr_misses 0
    STAT decr_hits 0
    STAT cas_misses 0
    STAT cas_hits 0
    STAT cas_badval 0
    STAT touch_hits 0
    STAT touch_misses 0
    STAT auth_cmds 0
    STAT auth_errors 0
    STAT bytes_read 52
    STAT bytes_written 21
    STAT limit_maxbytes 67108864
    STAT accepting_conns 1
    STAT listen_disabled_num 0
    STAT threads 4
    STAT conn_yields 0
    STAT hash_power_level 16
    STAT hash_bytes 524288
    STAT hash_is_expanding 0
    STAT bytes 0
    STAT curr_items 0
    STAT total_items 0
    STAT expired_unfetched 0
    STAT evicted_unfetched 0
    STAT evictions 0
    STAT reclaimed 0
  4. Run the command quit if you want to exist Memcached

  5. Test Memcached Web-based GUI tool Memcached-admin

More useful Memcached guide, please refer to Memcached Wiki (opens new window)

# Q&A

# Can't connect Memcached by Telnet?

Please make sure you Telnet installed and port 11211 enabled

# Is there any Web-GUI tool for Memcached in this deployment solution?


# How did this deployment install Memcached?