# Desktop

# Web GUI

Now, we will introduce how to use MongoDB compass and adminMongo

# Preparation

You must enable the authorization of MongoDB and set credential for it before your using the GUI

  1. Use SSH to connect MongoDB server and modify the MongDB configuration file etc/mongod.conf

    #1 set authorization **disabled** to **enabled**
    authorization: enabled
    #2 set bindIP to
       port: 27017
 means any Internet IP can connect your MongoDB

  2. Restart MongoDB service

    systemctl restart mongod
  3. Go to the Cloud Console and enable the TCP:27017 port of Security Group

When completed the preparation, you can use the GUI now

# adminMongo

adminMongo is a web GUI which installed by Docker for your MongoDB deployment solution

  1. Go to the Cloud Console and enable the TCP:9091 port of Security Group

  2. Open Chrome or Firefox on your local PC to visit URL http://Internet IP:9091,you can enter the adminMongo page

  3. Following is the examples for adminMongo connection(IP is Internet IP0)

    # use the **config** database
    # use the **admin** database
  4. Start to connect

  5. Go go adminMongo console when connect successfully

  6. Please delete the connections when you don't use it

# MongoDB Compass

  1. Download (opens new window) and install MongoDB Compass
  2. Fill in the correct items and connect MongoDB
  3. Go go MongoDB Compass console when connect successfully