# Update & Upgrade

Updates and upgrades are one of the maintenance tasks for system. Programs that are not upgraded for a long time, like buildings that are not maintained for a long time, will accelerate aging and gradually lose functionality until they are unavailable.

You should know the differences between the terms Update and Upgrade(Extended reading (opens new window))

  • Operating system patching is Update, Ubuntu16.04 to Ubuntu18.04 is Upgrade
  • MongoDB5.6.25 to MongoDB5.6.30 is Update, MongoDB5.6 to MongoDB5.7 is Upgrade

For MongoDB maintenance, focus on the following two Update & Upgrade jobs

  • System update(Operating System and Running Environment)
  • MongoDB upgrade

# System Update

Run an update command to complete the system update:

#For Ubuntu&Debian
apt update && apt upgrade -y

#For Centos&Redhat
yum update -y

This deployment package is pre-configured with a scheduled task for automatic updates. If you want to remove the automatic update, please delete the corresponding Cron

# MongoDB Upgrade

More detail refer to official docs:Upgrade to the Latest Revision of MongoDB (opens new window)