# Initial Installation

If you have completed the MongoDB deployment on Cloud Platform, the following steps is for you to start use it quikly

# Preparation

  1. Get the Internet IP on your Cloud Platform
  2. Check you Inbound of Security Group Rule (opens new window) of Cloud Console to ensure the TCP:27017 and TCP:9091

27017 if for MongoDB server, 9091 is for web GUI tool adminMongo

# MongoDB Initial verification

You should verify the MongoDB when completed deployment:

# Check MongoDB

  1. Use the SSH to connect Server, and run the command below to view the installation information and running status
    sudo systemctl status mongod
  2. You can ge the message from SSH " Active: active (running)... " when MongoDB is running

# Connect MongoDB

  1. Use the SSH to connect Server, and run mongo command

    MongoDB shell version v4.0.18
    connecting to: mongodb://
    Implicit session: session { "id" : UUID("e5c50eca-e51b-482e-b0bd-24edc2d1e433") }
    MongoDB server version: 4.0.18
    Welcome to the MongoDB shell.
    For interactive help, type "help".
    For more comprehensive documentation, see
    Questions? Try the support group
  2. List all databases and users

    # list all databases
    show dbs
    # use admin, and list all users
    use admin
    show users

More details about MongoDB, refer to official docs MongoDB Administration (opens new window)

# Q&A

# I can't visit adminMongo?

Your TCP:9091 of Security Group Rules is not allowed so there no response from Chrome or Firefox

# Does MongoDB enable account authentication by default?

No, you should modify the configuration file /etc/mongod.conf if you want