# GUI: jspMyAdmin

JspMyAdmin is the software for MySql database administration over Web. It provides a user friendly design to manage most of the MySql database administration. Create and Manage database objects (Databse, Table, View etc..) with simple mouse clicks.

If your Image has installed jspMyAdmin, you can use it to manage MySQL very easily.

# Modify the password of root

  1. Click the memu bar "Users & Privileges "->"alter user"

  2. Input the new password, then click the "run".

You can found that there have three root account, suggest you change the password for all root users

# Open MySQL remote connection

  1. Click the memu bar "Users & Privileges "->"alter user",modify the "root@localhost", change the "localhost"  to "%" fo the Host Name

  2. Click "run".

# Export database

  1. Select your database, then click the "Export" tab to start export database

  2. Click the "run" button