# Update & Upgrade

Updates and upgrades are one of the maintenance tasks for sytem. Programs that are not upgraded for a long time, like buildings that are not maintained for a long time, will accelerate aging and gradually lose functionality until they are unavailable.

You should know the differences between the terms Update and Upgrade(Extended reading (opens new window))

  • Operating system patching is Update, Ubuntu16.04 to Ubuntu18.04 is Upgrade
  • MySQL5.6.25 to MySQL5.6.30 is Update, MySQL5.6 to MySQL5.7 is Upgrade

For OpenCart maintenance, focus on the following two Update & Upgrade jobs

  • Sytem update(Operating System and Running Environment)
  • OpenCart upgrade

# System Update

Run an update command to complete the system update:

#For Centos&Redhat
yum update -y

#For Ubuntu&Debian
apt update && apt upgrade -y

This deployment package is preconfigured with a scheduled task for automatic updates. If you want to remove the automatic update, please delete the corresponding Cron

# OpenCart Upgrade

The following upgrade steps are a simplification of the official upgrade documentation:

  1. Backup OpenCart source code and database, and download them to local computer
  2. Download (opens new window) the latest version of OpenCart and unzip it
  3. Use SFTP to log in Server, upload latest OpenCart source code and cover the old
  4. Upload the config.php and admin/config.php in the OpenCart root directory of backup to Server
  5. Visit http://域名/install to start upgrade
  6. Upgrading successfully

More upgrade details please refer to: OpenCart Upgrading (opens new window)