# How can I enable the debug mode of RabbitMQ service?

systemctl stop rabbitmq-server
rabbitmq-server console

# Can I reset password of RabbitMQ by command?

Yes, e.g rabbitmqctl change_password admin newpassword

# If there is no domain name, can I deploy RabbitMQ?

Yes, visit RabbitMQ by http://Internet IP:8161

# Is it possible to modify the source path of RabbitMQ?


# What's the difference between Deployment and Installation?

  • Deployment is a process of installing and configuring a sequence of software in sequence in a different order, which is a complex system engineering.
  • Installation is the process of starting the initial wizard after the application is prepared.
  • Installation is simpler than deployment.

# What's Cloud Platform?

Cloud platform refers to platform manufacturers that provide cloud computing services, such as: Azure, AWS, Alibaba Cloud, HUAWEI CLOUD, Tencent Cloud, etc.

# What is the difference between Instance, Cloud Server, Virtual Machine, ECS, EC2, CVM, and VM?

No difference, just the terminology used by different manufacturers, actually cloud servers