# Troubleshooting

If you're having trouble with running RocketMQ, here is a quick guide to solve most common problems.

Most faults about the Instance is closely related to the Instance provider, Cloud Platform. Provided you're sure the fault is caused by Cloud Platform, refer to Cloud Platform Documentation (opens new window).

# How can I check the error logs?

You can find the keywords Failed or error from the logs directory: /data/logs

# Can't start RocketMQ service?

Insufficient disk space and memory, incorrect configuration file may cause the failure to start the service.

It is recommended to first check through the command.

# restart RocketMQ service
systemctl status mqnamesrv
journalctl -u mqnamesrv

systemctl status mqbroker
journalctl -u mqbroker

# view disk space
df -lh

# view memory rate
free -lh

Please refer to official document (opens new window) for more trouble shooting