# PostgreSQL

This deployment includes PostgreSQL and GUI tools pgAdmin, refer to these steps to use it:

# Manage PostgreSQL by GUI

  1. Local browser Chrome or Firefox access URL: http://server's Internet IP:9090, enter to pgAdmin login pgAdmin

  2. Input pgAdmin administrator account(view username and password) and enter to console pgAdmin console

  3. Click 【server】 to connect PostgreSQL server

  4. Set your PostgreSQL database connection (don't known password) set pgAdmin connection

  5. Login to console successfully pgAdmin

# Manage PostgreSQL by cli

  1. Use the SSH to connect your instacne, then run the command docker ps to list all containers

  2. Get the container ID or Name of PostgreSQL, and access to postgresql container

    docker exec -it superset_db psql -U superset
  3. You can use any PostgreSQL commands if you have connect to superset_db container successfully

Websoft9 provide PostgreSQL guide (opens new window) for more useful skills of PostgreSQL, includes: modify password, create user, import/export data, enable or disable remote visit, log configuation and so on.