# Troubleshooting

We collect the most common troubleshooting of using Superset for your reference:

Instance troubleshooting is closely related to the Instance provider that is Cloud Platform, refer to Cloud Platform Documentation (opens new window)

# How can I use the logs?

You can find the keywords Failed or error from the logs of Superset

sudo docker logs superset_app

# Superset error?

It is recommended to first check through the command.

cat /data/wwwroot/superset
docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

# Install database drivers error "[Errno 13] Permission denied"?

You should running Superset container by command docker exec -it --user root superset_app bash, then instal drivers

# I am sure use correct password, but Superset Invalid login?

Error information: Invalid login, Please try again
Reason: need more research
Solution: Run the command cd /data/wwwroot/superset && docker-compose restart to restart all containers