# More

Each of the following solutions has been proven to be effective and we hope to be helpful to you.

# Domain binding

The precondition for binding a domain is that Superset can accessed by domain name.

Nonetheless, from the perspective of server security and subsequent maintenance considerations, the Domain Binding step cannot be omitted.

Superset domain name binding steps:

  1. Connect your Server by SFTP tool

  2. Modify Nginx vhost configuration file, change the server_name's value to your domain name

    listen 80;
    server_name www.example.com;  # 此处修改为你的域名
  3. Restart Nginx service

    sudo systemctl restart nginx

# Install Database Drivers

You’ll need to install the required packages for the database you want to use as your metadata database as well as the packages needed to connect to the databases.

The below is the command how to install drivers

# Access Superset container as root user
docker exec -it --user root superset_app bash

# sample1
pip install mysqlclient

# sample2
pip install psycopg2	

Refer to more Supported Databases and Dependencies (opens new window)

# Superset connect to MS SQL server database

# Access Superset container as root user
docker exec -it -u root superset_app bash

# Install MSSQL driver
pip install pymssql

# Log in to Superset, use the following connection string to add SQLServer Database
#  E.g mssql+pymssql://sa:passwd123@
mssql+pymssql://username:password@server ip:port/database 

# Resetting Password

There are two main measures to reset password.

# Changing password

Take the steps below:

Login to Superset console, open:【Settings】>【User】>【Info】 to modify password

Superset modify password

# Forgot Password

Try to retrieve your password by the flowing steps:

  1. Use SSH to connect Server, run the below command to login database

    docker exec -it superset_db psql -U superset
  2. At the mode of Database CLI interaction, run the below SQL command, then you password is admin123 now.

    update ab_user set password='pbkdf2:sha256:150000$w8vfDHis$b9c8fa353137417946766ed87cf20510da7e1e3a7b79eef37426330abef552bf' where username='admin';

If you want to replace logo of Superset Container, please refer to below steps:

  1. Use SFTP to upload you png logo to the directory */data`

  2. Rename it to superset-logo-horiz

  3. Run the below command to replace Superset official logo

    docker cp /data/superset-logo-horiz.png superset_app:/app/superset/static/assets/images/superset-logo-horiz.png

    superset_app is the SuperSet container name

  4. Refresh the Superset console