# PHP Runtime

# Guide

The environment components that support WordPress running include: PHP, MySQL, Apache or Nginx, etc. Please check the corresponding manuals according to different deployment packages to complete more configurations.

Deployment package items docs
Wordpress(LAMP) Apache+MySQL+PHP on Linux LAMP administrator guide (opens new window)
Wordpress(LEMP) Nginx+MySQL+PHP on Linux LEMP administrator guide (opens new window)

# What's PHP Runtime?

In addition to using the default settings of the WordPress deployment package, you may need to do more on the server:

  • Modify PHP configuration file (php.ini)
  • Add new WordPress or PHP application
  • Configure the SSL/HTTPS
  • Modify the root directory
  • Binding Domain Name

To complete these tasks, you need to refer to Environmental Guidelines

In addition, you may think about how WordPress works in these environments? Please refer to the hierarchy diagram below