# Readme

We offer free services and other types of services for customers who have deployed Websoft9 image products through the cloud platform, Websoft9 focuses on installation, configuration and operation and maintenance related technical issues. Similar to the role of your enterprise IT operation and maintenance engineer, we will meet your relevant technical support needs through professional skills and timely response.

# Support Scope

  1. Technical support includes: free services, document guidance services and Support as Services
  2. The document guidance service requires the customer to configure it according to the document plan. If the document is found to have problems or the document is not perfect, welcome suggestions.
  3. The business function of the software is not used in the technical support area.

# Notes

  1. If your support requirement is out of the Free services scope, please purchase Support as Services.
  2. Paid Users can get manual support via Helpdesk (Phone/QQ/Mail/Tickets System)
  3. Free Users can fork our Github repository (opens new window) and submit issues on it