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Version 1.0.0

OpenProject is a web-based project management software. Its key features are:

Via plugins, it also supports:

More information and screenshots can be found on


This is the installation guide of  the software image powered by Websoft9.
For more technical support, please go to

Software version: OpenProject6
Software directory: /data/wwwroot/OpenProject
Software startup command: /data/wwwroot/redmine/
Redmine default access to URL: http://< Public net IP >:3000
Default Redmine Admin Accout: admin/admin123

Ruby software version: ruby 2.1.0, gem 2.2.5, rails 4.2.6,  passenger 5.1.2, git
Ruby software environment guide: Click here


MySQL Database guide: Click here                             #Redmine database name: redmine