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ReviewBoard Image Guide

Version 2.5.15

Websoft9 ReviewBoard is a pre-configured, ready to run image for running ReviewBoard on Alibaba Cloud.

Review Board is an open source, web-based code and document review tool built to help companies, open source projects, and other organizations keep their quality high and their bug count low.Today, it’s a vital part of the development process at thousands of projects and companies, ranging from small startups of two people to enterprises of thousands.Review Board tracks changes to your pending code, graphics, documents, and all discussions around all the decisions made about your product. It shows you exactly how your code was changed, with syntax highlighting, interdiffs, moved line detection, indentation change indicators, and more.You can integrate with Review Board using its rich API and extension frameworks, allowing custom features, review UIs, data analysis, and more to be built without ever having to fork Review Board.There’s support for Bazaar, ClearCase, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Perforce, Plastic, and Team Foundation Server, hosted on your own server or on Assembla, Beanstalk, Bitbucket, Codebase, GitHub, GitLab, Gitorious, Kiln, or Unfuddle.

Application Software(ReviewBoard2.5.15)
ReviewBoard  application directory: /data/wwwroot/reviewboard
ReviewBoard configuration file: /data/wwwroot/reviewboard/conf/

Application Server(Python 2.7.12,Django 1.6.11,apache2.4,memcached 1.4.25)
Apache2 ReviewBoard  Configuration: /etc/apache2/sites-available/reviewboard.conf

Database directory: /data/mysql/
The default database name is: reviewboard,and the password is randomly generated by OS,please use the Putty tools “cat” the /root/mysql_root_password.txt

After the installation of Image,please verify it

  • Login on Alibaba Cloud console,get you Internet IP Address
  • Open you Chrome or Firefox on your local PC,visit the http://Internet IP Address/
  • If verify successfully,you can enter the Apache default welcome page of this Image
  • If no response from browser,please check the Security Group settings to ensure that port 80 is been allowed

Using Chrome or Firefox to visit: http://Internet IP Address/ to start using this application.Following is the steps:

  1. Visit http://Internet IP Address  to enter the interface of ReviewBoard directly
  2. Clic the “Log in”,filling the default admin account(Username is :admin, Password is admin)
  3. If you log in successfully,you can access the Administrator interface of Review Board like below:
  4. Setup is OK,you can use it now

Three usernames and passwords are required for application installation, application using, andapplication maintenance:

1、Review Board:Username is admin password is admin
Backend URL:http://Internet IP Address/

2、MySQL Database
Default Database information: database name:reviewboard,usename:root,password:password is randomly generated by OS,please use the Putty tools “cat” the /root/mysql_root_password.txt

3、Linux Server:Username is root,Password is set by youself when buying.You can reset the password through console and restart the Server if you have forgotten it.Please Using the Putty for Remote and WinSCP for SFTP

Routine backup (archives) of the database and application setup is essential to ensure failover is smooth.

Backup is based on the server snapshot automatic backup and manual local backup in two ways, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages, it is recommended to use together

Automatic Backup by Snapshot of Server

IaaS provider have the “snapshot” function for Server, the snapshot is for the server disk. Snapshot tool can record the specified point in time the hard disk data, all backed up, and can achieve a key recovery.

If you have an automatic snapshot of the disk settings, the following scenes you can be more calm face:

  • Work a few days of the results, was mistakenly deleted
  • Hackers damage your site
  • The content has been messed up

Done a snapshot backup, a key to restore to the backup point of time state. That is, on-site reduction, very good function.

Different cloud vendor snapshot settings slightly different, specific reference:

Manual Backup

You can use Manual Backup as following steps:

  1. Download the entire software directory(/data/wwwroot/reviewboard) by SFTP or other tools
  2. Using the Putty to login MySQL, create a dump file using the mysqldump tool.
    MySQL [(none)]> mysqldump -u root -p reviewboard > backup.sql;              #create database backup
    MySQL [(none)]> exit;                             #quit mysql console,Notice the semicolon at the end
  3. Then download the SQL backup file from the directory /root

Before upgrade you should put the site down for maintenance and always Backup your code, data and config files.

When you’re ready to upgrade to a new version of Review Board, simply follow these steps:

Login the ReviewBoard as Administrator,Manage->Users->-New,you can manage the admin account easily


You can use the command to manage the services for Server.Please choose the corresponding command mode according to different types of operating system

Ubuntu Linux

Apache Restart

~# systemctl restart apache2.service

If you want to modify the Database information,please modify the /data/wwwroot/reviewboard/conf/ like below:

'default': {
'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.mysql', # no need modification
'NAME': 'reviewboard', # modify it if you have rename the datababse name
'USER': 'root', # modify it if you have add new usename for database
'PASSWORD': '123456', # modify it if you have rename the datababse name
'HOST': 'localhost', # no need modification
'PORT': '', # no need modification,if you have modify the port you must modify this


If you want use Domain for this application,you should complete below steps:

  • Domain resolution if you want to use (Add an A record to the Internet IP Address of Server from your Domain Control Panel)
  • Modity the Weblate configuration file: /data/wwwroot/reviewboard/conf/,
    ALLOWED_HOSTS = ['','']  //Internet IP Address is OK,you should add your domain only
  • Restart the services

When install new extension from back-end it will not successful,may be the permissions of file and folder is not appropriate,you should change it

Web site root permissions to follow:
file 644,folder 755 ,Permissions Users and groups www-data
If there is a file permissions problem, execute the following three commands:

chown -R www-data.www-data /data/wwwroot/reviewboard
find /data/wwwroot/reviewboard -type d -exec chmod 755 {} \;
find /data/wwwroot/reviewboard -type f -exec chmod 644 {} \;