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WildFly Image Guide

Version 7.0

Websoft9 WildFly stack is a pre-configured, ready to run image for running WildFly application on Alibaba Cloud.

WildFly( is a flexible, lightweight, managed application runtime that helps you build amazing applications.It formerly known as JBoss AS, or simply JBoss, is an application server authored by JBoss, now developed by Red Hat. WildFly is written in Java, and implements the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) specification. It runs on multiple platforms.

WildFly install directory: /opt/wildfly
WildFly configuration file: /etc/default/wildfly
WildFly script directory:/opt/wildfly/bin
(Hava added to environment variables,you can run these script
Nginx configuration file:: /etc/nginx/sites-available/default
Nginx is used for Reverse proxy,example 8080 to 80

Database data directory:  /var/lib/mysql
MySQL JDBC driver /opt/wildfly/modules/system/layers/base/com/mysql/
Database configuration File: /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf
Database log files: / var/log/mysql
Default username and password is in the file /root/password.txt

After the installation of Image,please verify it

  • Login on Alibaba Cloud console,get you Internet IP Address
  • Open you Chrome or Firefox on your local PC,visit the http://Internet IP Address and you can enter the WlidFly’s start page directly,if there no response from browser,please check the Security Group settings to ensure that port 80 is been allowed

First please complete the domain resolution if you want to use domain for this application (Add an A record to the Internet IP Address of Server from Domain Control Panel),then access the installation page and complete the installation wizard for the following steps:

  1. Using local Chrome or Firefox to visit http://domain or http://Inernet IP Address,go to the Login page below:
  2. Click the “Administration Console” for mange the WildFly
  3. System will remind you there no user for the Console,you need to run the script to add administator
  4. To add a new user execute the script within the bin folder of your WildFly installation and enter the requested information.
    root@iZuf68djk0smqc7aiy3sh1Z:~# cd /opt/wildfly/bin
    root@iZuf68djk0smqc7aiy3sh1Z:~# ./
  5. Below is examle for add user
  6. Log in to WildFly console when have added new user

Three usernames and passwords are required for application installation, application using, andapplication maintenance:

  1. WildFly Console:You need add user for yourself
  2. MySQL Database:Default username and password is in the file /root/password.txt

    root@iZuf68djk0smqc7aiy3sh1Z:~# cat /root/password.txt
  3. Linux Server:Username is root,Password is set by youself when buying.
    Please Using the Putty for ssh remote and WinSCP for SFTP

Note:You can reset the password of OS through Cloud Console if you have forgotten it

Connect to a Linux instance using Windows OS

This section uses PuTTY as an example. PuTTY can be downloaded here.

You can connect to a Linux instance via PuTTY as follows:

  1. Start Putty.exe.
  2. Enter the public IP address of the instance in Host Name (or IP address).
  3. Use the default port 22.
  4. Select SSH as Connection Type.
  5. Type a session name in Saved Sessions, and then click Save. In later logins, you may directly load the session without re-entering the IP address.
  6. Click Open to connect.
  7. Upon first connection, the following dialog box will be displayed. Click Yes.
  8. As prompted, enter the username and password for the Linux ECS instance. The password will not be displayed on-screen. Press the Enter key to complete connection to the instance.

When you connect your computer to the Linux instance successfully, you can operate the instance from your computer.

Use SFTP you can mange file,upload and download file,configure Server.

  1. Start WinSCP. Login Dialog will appear.
  2. Then select your File protocol(SFTP) on the dialog
  3. Enter your host name to Host name field, username to User name and password to Password like below
  4. You may want to save your session details to a site so you do not need to type them in every time you want to connect. Press Save button and type site name.
  5. When appear the dialog below,please select the “yes”
  6. You can manane Linux file below
  7. WinSCP can integrate the Putty and transfer the log in information to Putty
  8. Now you can use Putty(Not need to log in) from the menu bar of WinSCP

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Use domain you should complete the following steps:

Step One:Domain resolution

e.g,If you using the AliCloud Domain product,you should log in to your Domain Console Panel

And find the domain name resolution interface,then add an A record to the Internet IP Address of Server from Domain Control Panel.

Step One:modify the vhost file

Modify the WildFly vhost configuration(not necessary for only one application in this Server)

Change to the bin directory after a successful build

$ cd /opt/wildfly/bin

Start the server in domain mode


Start the server in standalone mode


To stop the server, press Ctrl + C, or use the admin console

./ --connect command=:shutdown

More information:

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