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Version: 1.0


Welcome to Websoft9 documentation.

Here you can access the complete documentation for Websoft9, the collection applications for the entire Cloud Native open source.

Docs Index

InstallInstall Websoft9 and setup after installation, includes: get credential, set HTTPS, set DNS
Application300+ application quick start
SolutionIntegrated solutions based on multiple open source applications to meet the needs of industries
Subscription and SupportPay for Websoft9 products and get enterprise-level commercial support services
User guideManage applications and data
AdministratorUpgrade, backup and other operation and maintenance guide, data, storage and security configuration guide
Troubleshoot + FAQCommon technical faq and problems

Have a look at some of our most popular topics:

Migrate to Websoft9

The success of enterprise digitalization is inseparable from the flexible use of various open source technologies.

If your IT team is unable to provide effective technical support, Subscribe Websoft9's services, and enjoy the efficiency and assurance brought by commercial-grade support.

Contributing to GitLab

Websoft9 is open source, you can get the source code form Websoft9 on Github