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Version: 1.0


Websoft9 can be installed in most GNU/Linux distributions, and with several Cloud providers. To get the best experience from Websoft9, you must balance performance, reliability, ease of administration (backups, upgrades, and troubleshooting), and the cost of hosting.


Before you install Websoft9, be sure to review the system requirements. The system requirements include details about the minimum hardware, software, database, and additional requirements to support Websoft9.

Choose the installation method

Depending on your platform, select from the following available methods to install Websoft9:

Installation methodDescriptionWhen to choose
Linux packageOfficial automatic install scriptThis method need user have Linux capabilities
Install Websoft9 on Cloud providersEnterprise subscription by Cloud provider, it mean buy as installationThis method not need user have Linux capabilities and Websoft9 can provide Support for customer
Customized installationContact Websoft9 to deploy a customized installationIf product not fully meet the requirements and you want to some personalized deployment services

Steps after installing Websoft9

After you complete the steps for installing Websoft9, you can configure your application