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Welcome to the documentation for Websoft9's next-generation product, which has now been launched and is set to fully replace the old version.

Here, you can access the complete documentation for Websoft9 and gain knowledge about the entire process of cloud application management.

InstallationInstall the Websoft9 Console
ConsoleLogin to the Websoft9 Console and experience the interactive management platform
Quick StartQuickly deploy various types of applications using Websoft9
GuideGeneral operations for product lifecycle management, domain configuration, etc.
AdministratorMaintenance guides for upgrades, backups, and configuration guides for data, storage, and security
ApplicationsQuick start and configuration guides for 200+ open-source applications
Runtime EnvironmentDeploy environments for Java, Python, Node.js, PHP, Go, Ruby, and .NET programs
Purchase and SupportPurchase Websoft9 products and receive enterprise-level commercial support services
TroubleshootingTechnical issues and troubleshooting

About Websoft9

Websoft9 is an enterprise-level multi-application hosting platform designed to enable anyone to easily deploy and manage software on their own infrastructure.

The Websoft9 hosting platform comes with over 200+ one-click deployment templates, covering key applications such as data analysis, AI, websites, enterprise operations, design and creation, low-code, databases, and more. This greatly simplifies the traditional software installation and configuration process. Additionally, it supports custom deployments of programs in Java, Python, Node.js, PHP, Go, Ruby, and .NET.

Websoft9 is positioned as a graphical, user-friendly PaaS platform for innovative organizations, allowing users to utilize it without extensive IT backgrounds or complex technical knowledge. It is based on a microservices architecture and supports the entire lifecycle of software, including discovery, testing, deployment, release, access, maintenance, upgrades, and monitoring. It supports native architectures like Docker and Kubernetes (K8s), and uses Nginx as the application gateway, providing automated domain configuration, HTTPS certificate generation, and access control for applications.

For innovative organizations, Websoft9 eliminates any technical barriers. It helps professionals or companies proficient in using software tools to embark on digital transformation and AI within minutes. It allows users to focus on utilizing the tools, significantly enhancing work efficiency and professional competitiveness.

Websoft9 reduces the application time for cloud-native software from 1-2 days to just 2 minutes. Deploying and managing cloud-native applications is no longer an exclusive skill of professional IT personnel.

Undoubtedly, Websoft9 is a productivity tool worth trying for enterprises, with its value in cost reduction and efficiency improvement being fully evident.

Business Value

In the era of cloud computing, innovative organizations are characterized by "small steps, quick runs, and agility". This means:

  • Streamlined Architecture: Agile self-organization of small teams.
  • Rapid Iteration: Prompt response to market and technological changes.
  • Diverse Tools: Utilizing a variety of software to spur innovation.
  • Open Collaboration: Knowledge sharing to foster growth.

To avoid traditional, cumbersome digitalization projects, innovative organizations need flexible technical solutions that match their pace.

The flourishing open-source ecosystem provides a wealth of options, allowing for the rapid integration of specialized small-scale software and components to build application systems quickly.

Websoft9 offers a cloud-native multi-application hosting platform, enabling business units to quickly deploy and operate open-source tools, achieve integrated combinations, and address business challenges. By avoiding heavy software and outsourcing dependencies, Websoft9 accelerates organizational innovation through combinatorial innovation.

Technical Value

In the rapidly evolving field of technology, Websoft9's hosting services provide the stability and innovation that enterprises need:

  • One stop integration: Our PaaS platform offers plug-and-play integration of open-source software, enabling seamless connection of diverse technical components for enterprises.
  • Professional Technical Support: Our technical team provides round-the-clock professional operational support, ensuring system continuity and efficiency for enterprises.
  • High reliability: Our service design adheres to the strictest availability standards, guaranteeing the continuous operation of critical business functions.
  • Rich knowledge resources: We have built a comprehensive knowledge base covering a wide range of issues, supporting enterprises in quickly resolving technical problems through self-service.
  • Security Guarantee: We commit to providing state-of-the-art security measures and regular compliance reviews to ensure the safety of enterprise data and applications.
  • Customized Services: We recognize that each enterprise has unique needs, and thus offer personalized service plans to meet specific business requirements.

Websoft9's hosting services are dedicated to providing enterprises with a worry-free technical environment, allowing them to focus on core business development and market competition.

Usage Scenarios

Refer to: Websoft9 Solution

Hosting Options

In the Websoft9 architecture, applications are managed by the Websoft9 Console, while logically remaining independent from the console.

The servers are responsible for running the applications, and their usage strategy directly influences the choice of hosting mode.

In light of this, Websoft9 offers users a range of flexible hosting options:

Deployment Location Options

  • Application and Websoft9 Console deployed on the same server instance
  • Application and Websoft9 Console deployed on different server instances(coming soon)

Compute Resource Utilization Options

  • Single server deployed with a single application
  • Single server deployed with multiple applications
  • Single application deployed in a k8s cluster across multiple servers(coming soon)

Server Management Options

  • User manages the server independently
  • User delegates full server management to Websoft9

Open Source and Free

Open source software, with its efficient social production model, has become an indispensable component in the cloud-native era. Organizations of all kinds use open source software to handle their business operations and enhance their technical capabilities.

Websoft9 originates from open source and gives back to the open source community. The benefits of open source to the Websoft9 ecosystem are evident:

  • Free for users
  • Software is 100% transparent and open, reducing the cost of trust
  • User participation, fully embracing the social collaboration of knowledge creation

Deployment Templates

The Websoft9 Console supports the following application deployment templates that can be installed with one click:

.NET SDK 运行环境, ActiveMQ, AITable 维格表, Akaunting, Alfresco, Ansible, Apache Answer, Apache HTTP Server, Apache Kafka, Apache ZooKeeper, APEX, Appsmith, ArangoDB, aria2, AutoGPT.NextWeb, Bitwarden, Budibase, Bytebase, Caddy, chat2DB, ChatGPT Next Web, Chatwoot , Chronograf, ClamAV, ClickHouse, CloudBeaver, Cloudreve, code-server, Collabora 在线开发版, CouchDB, Dgraph, Directus, Discourse, Discuz, Dolibarr, Drupal, Duplicati, Eclipse Mosquitto, Elastic Kibana, Elastic Logstash, Elasticsearch, EMQX, ERPNext, EspoCRM, Excalidraw, Flowise, Focalboard, Frappe, GeminiProChat, Ghost, Gitea, GitLab, Go Runtime, Gogs, Grafana, Graphite, Graylog, HAProxy, HashiCorp Vault, Home Assistant, Huginn, HumHub, influxdb, Jellyfin, Jenkins, Jetty 运行环境, Joomla, JupyterHub, Kasm Workspaces, Knowage, Kodbox 可道云, Koishi, Kong Gateway (OSS), Magento, MariaDB, Matomo Analytics, mattermost, Mautic, Maven 运行环境, MediaWiki, memcached, Metabase, MinIO, MongoDB, MongoDB Compass, Moodle, MQTTX, MySQL, n8n, Navidrome, Neo4j, Netdata, Next Terminal, Nextcloud , Nocobase, NocoDB, Node.js, nopCommerce, Odoo, ONLYOFFICE Docs, ONLYOFFICE Workspace, OpenJDK, OpenSearch, Oracle Database, OwnCloud , Palworld 幻兽帕鲁, Penpot, pgAdmin, PHP, phpMyAdmin, Plausible, Portainer, PostgreSQL, PostgREST, Prestashop, Prometheus, Pydio Cells, Python, RabbitMQ, Redash, Redis , RedisInsight, Redmine, Redpanda Console, RethinkDB, Rocket.Chat, Ruby Runtime, Rundeck, Scratch, screego, Seafile, Snapdrop, SQL Server Express, SRS, SSCMS, Strapi, SuperSet, Syncthing, TeamCity, Teleport, TensorFlow, ThingsBoard, Tinyproxy, Tomcat Runtime, Tomee Runtime, Tooljet, Traefik Proxy, Typesense, Typo3, Umami, Uptime Kuma, WordPress, XWiki, Zabbix, Zammad, Zentao

Platform Comparison

Websoft9 vs cPanel vs BaoTa

Both cPanel and BaoTa are server panel tools designed to simplify PHP website deployment and server management.

Compared to them, Websoft9 offers:

  • Application-Centric Approach: Provides enterprise-level hosting services from deployment to operation, monitoring, and support for high availability, scalability, backup and recovery, and security compliance.
  • Diverse Deployment Capabilities: Over 200 one-click deployment templates, supporting various programming environments such as PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, .NET, Go, Docker, and HTML.
  • Automation Capabilities: GitOps-driven automated continuous deployment and rollback, enhancing operational and hosting efficiency while ensuring consistency and traceability of environments.
  • Cloud-Native Architecture: A cloud-native architecture centered on microservices and containers, with core modules adopting an assembly-style integration that is replaceable, iterative, and upgradable.

Websoft9 vs Heroku

Heroku is a PaaS platform that abstracts the underlying infrastructure, allowing developers to focus on code rather than servers.

Compared to Heroku, Websoft9:

  • Is a PaaS that gives users control over the infrastructure, meeting the convenience of hosting applications while offering control and cost management.
  • Is built on a 100% open-source foundation, eliminating the possibility of vendor lock-in.

Websoft9 vs OpenShit vs KubeSphere

OpenShift and KubeSphere are enterprise-grade container application platforms based on Kubernetes, providing complete DevOps toolchain support and automated operations capabilities. They support multi-tenancy and clusters, offering large enterprises the ability to isolate and manage different projects and teams while providing comprehensive security and compliance features. Their rich ecosystems help enterprises quickly achieve cloud-native application development, deployment, and management.

Compared to them, Websoft9:

  • Is positioned as a platform centered on application deployment and maintenance, focusing on providing simplified application hosting solutions for innovative organizations and developers.
  • Offers pre-configured software stacks and one-click deployment features, enabling users to quickly launch and run various applications.
  • While it may not support the complete DevOps process or complex cluster deployments for large enterprises, it is an easy-to-manage GitOps platform.