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You can get any support from Websoft9 Customer Success Team who provides customers with a unified lifecycle from purchase consultation, configuration delivery, and technical support.

Scope of support

Websoft9 offer both Standards support and Professional services for subscription customer:

Standards support

Standard Support is a free product support for subscription customers, it includes:

  • Consultation on the features, architecture, and multiple applications combinations of Websoft9;

  • Documentation for using and configuring Websoft9;

  • Usage consultation, technical issues, fault diagnosis, and anomaly reporting related to Websoft9 functions and APIs;

  • Issue diagnosis for applications deployed based on the Websoft9 AppStore

  • Consultation and advice are provided for applications not deployed through the AppStore;

  • Technical support with with infrastructure providers for operating system issues running Websoft9;

  • Issues related to the Websoft9 Console or other tools powered by Websoft9;

  • Configuration guidance and troubleshooting for certain third-party software related to Websoft9;

  • Consultation support for account issues related to Websoft9;

  • Consultation support for financial and contract issues related to Websoft9.

Professional services

Professional Services is a pay-as-you-go technology service provided by the Websoft9 Customer Success Team.

Service level agreement (SLA)

Refer to: Websoft9 SLA

Contact us

It is recommended to contact us through the following channels:

Ticket7×24×365 / 24hissuesAccess Websoft9 ticket system
Email7×24×365 / 24hissues and
Phone7×10×365 / 8:00--18:00presales or urgent issues+86731-8957 2759
Community7×24×365 / 24hissues discussionWebsoft9 open source community


Do I need to register Ticket System?

No, you don't need to register Websoft9 Ticket System, it will reply to you email.

What languages for Websoft9 support?

English and Chinese