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Version: 1.0

Subscribe Enterprise

You can our Enterprise Subscription at the major Cloud.

Enterprise Subscription is mean Enterprise product + Support + Security enhancement.


You can subscribe our product list on major Cloud Marketplace platform:

How to charge?

Websoft9 Enterprise Subscription is based on Cloud Platform.

  • Customer pay to Cloud Platform direct
  • Hourly or Annual for your choices
  • Software is open source, no proprietary lock-in

Values of Enterprise

Websoft9 provide the Cloud Native open source application to customer, help to improve user application efficiency.

The values of Websoft9 Enterprise includes:

  • Basic PaaS platform development and pre-configuration
  • Prefabricated safety-related components
  • Pre-made visualization tools
  • Use document maintenance
  • Provide professional technical support
  • One-to-one manual service
  • Maintain open source projects
  • Performance tuning
  • High availability
  • Open source compliance review
  • User experience design
  • Expansion plan suggestion

Enterprise Subscription VS Free Self-hosted?

ItemFree hostedEnterprise Subscription
ModulesAllFree hosted + GUI + Security enhancement
Deployment time20-60 mins1-5 mins
Deployment rate80% for the reason of Network failure99.99%
Skills needHighLow
Security TestInner testInner test + Cloud Platform test
Multiply VersionSelectionSelection
Out-of-the-boxEasyVery Easy
Number of appsupper to 10unlimited
PricingFreeStarting from $0.04/hr or from $342.00/yr
SupportGithub issueWebsoft9 Customer Success Team
Open source100%100%
CloudALLMajor Cloud

It can be seen that Enterprise Subscription is relatively simple and stable; self-service installation is relatively flexible.

Of course, the Support Service is also important for business customer.


Websoft9 Enterprise is open source?

Yes, 100% open source. You can get the source code form Websoft9 on Github

Why Websoft9 open source?

Websoft9 is a open source organization, the benefits of open source are obvious, including:

  • You can use it free
  • The deployment is 100% transparent and open, in line with the spirit of open source
  • Any one can involve the development for it