# Overview

Using the deployment solution of Websoft9, you need to master the basic operations of AWS to better complete the installation and deployment and operation and maintenance. This document is a simplified version of AWS official documentation, combined with the actual operation of the deployment, to help you quickly master The most basic skills.

Five parts for this documentation:

  • Getting Started
  • Visual Machine
  • Network and Security
  • Business
  • Other

# Special term

The AWS platform has some special terms, listed below:

  • VM(Visual Machine)is same with Cloud Server or Instance
  • AWS Portal is the same with Cloud Console
  • DNS is the Domain Name System

More terms, refer to the charpter 《AWS Terms》 of this documentation

# Improve

This document will continue to improve and broadly absorb the needs of users. If you have good idea, please don't hesitate to give us feedback by "Edit this page on GitHub", and welcome you to fork this documentation on Github (opens new window)