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Application Backup

Unlike whole server backups, application backups primarily backup application-related: source code, configuration files, data, and databases.

There are two paths for application backup:


The application itself provides automatic backup tools (CLI or GUI) to help users achieve planned automatic backups.

For details, refer to the application-related chapters.


Manual backup for application is based on the Exporting source code and database of application to achieve a minimized backup scheme.

- Backup scope: Source code and database of application
- Backup effect: Good
- Backup frequency: You can operate when you need
- Recovery method: Import
- Skill requirement: Easy
- Automation: manual

Application based on Docker

It is very easy for you backup application based on Docker

# backup
docker-compose run --rm backup

# restore
docker-compose run --rm restore

Application based on Linux

Below is the steps for you backup application based on Linux:

  1. Just compression and download the entire */data/wwwroot/application** directory by SFTP
  2. Export Database
  3. Put the source code file and database file in the same folder, named according to the date
  4. Backup completed