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Version: 1.0

Application Upgrade

Different application have different upgrade solution, you can refer to each application administrator guide for upgrade.

The two main upgrade methods are described below:

Online Upgrade

Online Upgrade use the application's upgrade CLI or GUI to upgrade version. It is a recommend solution.

You can find the online upgrade solution from every Application Docs.

Manual Upgrade

In this section, we only introduce the upgrade process for Docker-based applications (universal and strong).

It main process is: pull the image > delete the container > rebuild the container

  1. Backup your application

    cp  /data/wwwroot/appname /data/wwwroot/appname_bk
  2. Modify your APP_VERSION at .env file on your application root directory

  3. Pull new Docker image

    cd /data/wwwroot/appname
    docker-compose pull
  4. Delete old container and recreate new container

    docker-compose down
    docker-compose up -d