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Version: 1.0



创建 Github 模板项目


  1. 选择一个已有 repository,点击:【settings】,然后勾选【Template repository 】
  2. 创建成功后,在项目的标题右侧会有"Template"的标记
  3. 点击“Use this template”按钮,基于模板项目创建新项目

Github 分支管理


Github 看板中勾选模板

:sparkles: **Welcome to GitHub Projects** :sparkles:
We're so excited that you've decided to create a new project! Now that you're here, let's make sure you know how to get the most out of GitHub Projects.
- [x] Create a new project
- [x] Give your project a name
- [ ] Press the <kbd>?</kbd> key to see available keyboard shortcuts
- [ ] Add a new column
- [ ] Drag and drop this card to the new column
- [ ] Search for and add issues or PRs to your project
- [ ] Manage automation on columns
- [ ] [Archive a card]( or archive all cards in a column

Github Action 范例


Github 成员管理

Github 支持组织和 repository 两种级别的邀请成员方式L:

  • Repository 级:【Settings】>【Collaborators and teams】>【Manage access】
  • 组织级:进入组织首页后,通过【people】标签进行管理


Git push 时,报错:refusing to allow a Personal Access Token...?

错误信息:[remote rejected] main -> main (refusing to allow a Personal Access Token to create or update workflow .github/workflows/ci.yml without workflow scope)
解决方案:找到所采用的 Personal access tokens,【Select scopes】中勾选【workflow】

合并 pull request 冲突?

冲突产生时,会弹出手动合并命令。只需在 git pull 命令后面加上 --allow-unrelated-histories

git pull master --allow-unrelated-histories