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Business FAQ

The following are common non-technical questions users have when you Subscribe Websoft9 Enterprise:

What is Enterprise Subscription?

Enterprise Subscription is mean Enterprise product + Support + Security enhancement.

You can our Enterprise Subscription at the major Cloud.

What is image?

Image is a packaged application and it environment, e.g docker iamge, VM image

User can running image for running application, no need any installation of application

What's Cloud Platform Marketplace?

Cloud Platform Marketplace provides access and information on solutions and services available from its partners. Customers (IT pros and developers) can discover, try to buy cloud software solutions built on or built for Marketplace. Marketplace catalog of 8,000+ listings provides Cloud building blocks, such as Virtual Machines (VMs), APIs, Solution Templates and managed applications, SaaS apps, containers, and consulting services.

How to list all Websoft9 products on Marketplace?

Refer to: Websoft9 on Marketplace

Can Websoft9 provide free support?

Yes, we provide free support for our Enterprise subscription customer

Can I resell your product?

Yes, We very much welcome you to resell our product which we can 40% rebate for you.