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Version: 1.0

How to contribute?

Websoft9 welcome anyone from any country to contribute Websoft9 open source.

For open source project, not only need coding, the docs, bug report, UE and project is the same import with coding.

It mean that anything you want to involve for Websoft9 is welcome for us.

Contribute Methods

Just for Websoft9 on GitHub, then you can contribute to Websoft9 by the following methods:

  • Submit Issue: ask any kind of question
  • Submit a code request: Submit your improved code to us for review, and once the review passes we will merge the code into the project

Consistency convention

In the process of your participation, we hope that everyone has a good habit of abiding by the agreement, including:

  • Create Issue based on template
  • Select tags not create tags
  • Complete the smallest unit independent task at one time
  • Meaningful remarks when commit your code, you should select from: docs, test, fix, install, misc and so on
  • Although the project has automated tests, I still hope that you can test without problems before submitting
  • Following the branch management strategy, the core team maintains two branches: main and dev

Code of Conduct

This project use Code of Conduct, you should read it carefully.

Communication channel

We provide a variety of efficient communication channels to better allow users to participate in open source collaboration. Please read the standardized Contributor Covenant we have adopted before joining in collaborative communication, which is expected to be followed by all community members.

IssueIssue on GithubSubmitting an issue to the project is sure to get feedback from our community members. It is the best means of advice and the most likely to be adopted.
ForumDiscussion on GithubGet better ideas and solutions through problem discussions
NewsTo know the latest news of Wesoft9, you can follow our WeChat official account
ChatComing soonAlthough chat is not efficient in communication, it can enhance the relationship between developers through chat