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Version: 1.0

Team and Division

Active Team

The Websoft9 active team works on the core functionality, as well as the documentation website.

  • Xu Wei: One of the founders of Websoft9, responsible for code review
  • Darren Chen: One of the founders of Websoft9, responsible for user experience design and architecture
  • Morning Tan: Testing
  • Lao Zhou: Document writing and issue collection feedback

Architect Consultant

Create more, better and more realistic software solutions for the world

  • Liu Guanghui: Engaged in enterprise architecture for 20 years, experienced complete typical enterprise applications such as ERP, MES, WMS, e-commerce, OA, etc.

Honorary Alumni

Websoft9 would never be what it is today without the huge contributions from these folks who have moved on to bigger and greater things.