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Version: 1.0


Websoft9 packages(“Image”,”Stack”) a wide range of opensource software and provide Images on the Cloud Platform(Include AWS,Azure,AlibabaCloud,HUAWEI CLOUD). Websoft9 software packages include trademarks that are the property of their respective owners and are made available under various trademark and licensing policies. You will need to reference those individual policies regarding the use of any trademarks contained within Websoft9 Images.


  • You can install, deploy Websoft’s Image in the Cloud Platform according to the pricing policy
  • You can modify Websoft’s Image for personal or internal commercial use.
  • You can use our copyright, patent and design materials in accordance with this IPRights Policy.
  • You can be confident and can trust in the consistency of the Websoft9 experience.
  • You can rely on the standard expected of Websoft9.

Your use of Websoft9 Product

Any redistribution of modified versions of Websoft9 must be approved, certified or provided by Websoft9 if you are going to associate it with the Trademarks. Otherwise you must remove and replace the Trademarks and will need to recompile the source code to create your own binaries. This does not affect your rights under any open source license applicable to any of the components of Websoft9. If you need us to approve, certify or provide modified versions for redistribution you will require a license agreement from Websoft9, for which you may be required to pay. For further information, please contact us (as set out below).

We do not recommend using modified versions of Websoft9 which are not modified in accordance with this IPRights Policy. Modified versions may be corrupted and users of such modified systems or images may find them to be inconsistent with the updates published by Websoft9 to its users. If they use the Trademarks, they are in contravention of this IPRights Policy. Websoft9 cannot guarantee the performance of such modified versions.

Your use of Websoft9 trademarks

Websoft9’s Trademarks include: Websoft9, Websoft9 copyright,Websoft9 Media Material

  • You can use the Trademarks, in accordance with Websoft9’s brand guidelines, with Websoft9’s permission in writing. If you require a Trademark license, please contact us (as set out below).
  • You will require Websoft9’s permission to use: (i) any mark ending with the letters Websoft9 that is sufficiently similar to the Trademarks or any other confusingly similar mark, and (ii) any Trademark in a domain name or URL or for merchandising purposes.
  • You cannot use the Trademarks in software titles. If you are producing software for use with or on Websoft9 you may reference Websoft9, but must avoid: (i) any implication of endorsement, or (ii) any attempt to unfairly or confusingly capitalize on the goodwill of Websoft9
  • You can use the Trademarks in discussion, commentary, criticism or parody, provided that you do not imply endorsement by Websoft9.
  • You can write articles, create websites, blogs or talk about Websoft9, provided that it is clear that you are in no way speaking for or on behalf of Websoft9 and that you do not imply endorsement by Websoft9
  • You can only use Websoft9’s copyright materials in accordance with the copyright licences therein and this IPRights Policy.
  • You cannot use Websoft9’s patented materials without our permission.
  • The installer and system images, together with Websoft9 packages and binary files, are in many cases copyright of Websoft9 (which copyright may be distinct from the copyright in the individual components therein) and can only be used in accordance with the copyright licenses therein and this IPRights Policy.
  • Websoft9 owns intellectual property rights in the trade dress and look and feel of Websoft9 (including the Websoft9 Cloud Hosting interface), along with various themes and components that may include unregistered design rights, registered design rights and design patents. Your use of Websoft9 is subject to these rights.

Cloud Platform trademarks

  • Amazon Web Services is a registered trademark of Amazon and its affiliates.
  • Google Cloud Platform is a registered trademark of Google and its affiliates.
  • Oracle Cloud Platform is a registered trademark of Oracle and its affiliates.
  • Microsoft Azure is a registered trademark of Microsoft and its affiliates.
  • Open Telekom Cloud is a registered trademark of Open Telekom and its affiliates.
  • HUAWEI CLOUD is a registered trademark of Hauwei and its affiliates.
  • Alibaba CLOUD is a registered trademark of Hauwei and its affiliates.
  • All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about our Trademarks or if you want to use our Trademarks, please send an email to