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Version: 1.0

Log analysis

The log is the evidence, it contains the cause of the issue. "Looking for the problem through the log, predicting the issue and looking for the log" is the most common way to solve the issue.


You can get logs from these methods:

  1. Logs directory: /data/logs/appname

  2. System logs

    # get service logs
    systemctl status service_name
    journalctl -u service_name

    # get error logs
    journalctl -p err

    # get Linux core logs
    journalctl -k

    # get the bash bin logs
    journalctl /usr/bin/bash

    # get the logs of user by ID
    journalctl UID=33 --since today
  3. Docker logs

    docker logs appname


Get the logs from Event Viewer of Windows Server

event event