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Version: 1.0

For Azure

You can get the Websoft9's pricing, orders and billing from Azure if you deployment Websoft9 Enterprise subscription

Cost Estimate

Websoft9 Enterprise subscription cost will be flexibly priced based on the number of virtual machine CPU cores. The larger the number of cores, the higher the price generally

The Software Cost listed by the Plan+Pricing on the product page is the image pricing.


List subscription

  1. Login to Azure Portal, open All Services->GENERAL->Marketplace img
  2. Click “Recently created”,view the image used recently

Get Invoices

You can download the invoices of image from Azure Portal:

  1. Login to Azure Portal
  2. Open Cost Management+Billing->Billing->Invoices, select the tab of Azure Marketplace and Reservations, then select one Subscription img
  3. Wait for one minute, you can see the "Download invoice" link below img

Review product

For the used product, you can write a review, please remember to give us a good review.