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Version: 1.0


Websoft9 is Partner of Azure Marketplace, you can install Websoft9 product on Azure very conveniently.


How to deploy Websoft9 on Azure? There are three methods:

By Azure Marketplace

  1. Login to Azure Marketplace

  2. Search the keyword "websoft9", list all the image of Websoft9  Search Websoft9 image

  3. Click the product you want to use, then click the "GET IT NOW" button on product details page install image

  4. Click "Create" button to create a VM with the image have selected 1564797106741

  5. You can see the the image have selected in the image of INSTANCE DETAILS 1564797278339

  6. After the VM is created, the mirror is started as the system disk of the VM, that is, the mirror is automatically deployed to the VM.

By Azure Portal

  1. Login to Azure Portal, then click "Create a resource" that means go to the interface of Marketplace on Portal

  2. Searche the keyword "websoft9", list all the related image prodcut of Websoft9 Search websoft9 image

  3. Click an product you want to use and start the deployment


  1. Login to Azure Portal and click "Visual Machines" service Visual Machines

  2. Go to the Visual Machine page and click "+ Add" to create an new VM Create new VM

  3. In the image of INSTANCE DETAILS column, click “Browse all public and private images”, and then search the keyword "websoft9" to list all related products Search image of websoft9

  4. Click an product you want to use and start the deployment

After installation

Here are a few resources you might want to check out after completing the installation on Cloud.