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Version: 1.0

EspoCRM Maintenance

This chapter is special guide for EspoCRM maintenance and settings. And you can refer to Administrator and Steps after installing for some general settings that including: Configure Domain, HTTPS Setting, Migration, Web Server configuration, Docker Setting, Database connection, Backup & Restore...

Maintenance guide

EspoCRM Upgrade

We recommend to make a backup of your EspoCRM files and data before upgrade.To upgrade your EspoCRM download appropriate zip file and upload it at Administration > Upgrade.

  1. Download upgrade package from here
  2. Administration > Upgrade,upload it
  3. Then you will get the message “Your EspoCRM will be upgraded to version 4.x.x. This can take some time.”,click the “Run upgrade”
  4. Upgraded successfully


In addition to the EspoCRM issues listed below, you can refer to Troubleshoot + FAQ to get more.


EspoCRM 支持中文吗?


EspoCRM 是否有移动端?

EspoCRM 自适应移动端