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Version: 1.0

Nextcloud Solution

You can use Nextcloud integrated other software,solve various scenario problems in the process of building an enterprise network disk system.

Integrate ONLYOFFICE Doc for Document Editing

Nextcloud can't preview and edit Office document itself, you need to integrate Document Server service for Nextcloud to implement this function:

  1. Enable the TCP:9002 port on ,and check that OnlyOffice Docs is available
  2. Log in to Nextcloud console, go to 【Apps】page
  3. Find the app【ONLYOFFICE】 and install it
  4. Set the 【ONLYOFFICE】

    The smear in the figure should be modified to Internet IP

  5. Refresh the Nextcloud, test the preview and edit function of documentation.

Integrate LDAP

Refer to User Authentication with LDAP